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A local service for Hampshire, Dorset and East Devon

Stanís skilful & realistic answer for baldness, hair loss & thinning hair

A sincere, confidential and expert service for those wishing to have an instant fix to their bald or thinning areas. A fine selection of the latest lightweight hairpieces & wigs is available. They are undetectable, realistic and expertly styled. Realistic hair replacement is now the way forward, it's very effective, you can have as much or as little hair as you wish, it's quick, clean and gives you what you want, Hair! The latest units are fantastic; you can also have a little gradually so you suddenly don't appear with a full head of hair.  I now have years of experience in fitting and styling and will gladly give you advice on what method would best suit your lifestyle. I do specialise in men's hair replacements but also cater for the ladies with the help of my wife.

As this is a personal and skilful service it's not available by mail order. Please see my HAIR REPLACEMENT PAGE and STAN'S BIOGRAPHY PAGE for more information.




Hair loss and thinning hair

With several years' experience working at home and abroad I have extensive knowledge of the not so pleasant subject of baldness, hair loss and thinning hair. Over the years, I have helped many people with these very personal problems and together we can make life a little easier.

Hair loss, receding and thinning hair can cause us to lose our confidence, lead to embarrassment and generally make us feel unhappy. A good head of hair is what most of us would like, not that being bald will lessen your chances of a successful and happy life but given the choice most of us would opt for a nice head of hair.

Stan The Hair Man can help those of us who are experiencing all types of hair loss; natural Trichological products are available, together with honest and expert advice. Please note, there's no cure for baldness but hair transplants, if suitable, and hair replacements can solve this problem. Please see STAN'S BIOGRAPHY PAGE for more information.


Dandruff type scalp problems

Dandruff, greasy and dry conditions can be difficult to treat and some don't have a cure, but Stan's natural, organic anti-dandruff shampoo products are available to relieve these embarrassments and irritations. Please note that if you have a long-standing condition please go and show it to your GP. If he or she can't help then they can refer you to a dermatologist.



Hair Transplants

A first-class referral service to a top Hair Transplant Clinic is available to suitable clients. Please note, a separate free consultation in London will be necessary with no obligation. This is not a procedure suitable for all and is only carried out if the surgeon deems the transplant will be successful.


Stan Greenfield BSc. (M.CFT.LDN)
Consultant Trichologist and Hair Replacement Specialist

STAN THE HAIR MAN'S Trichological Service, Hair Transplant Referral and Hair Replacement service is not available online and this website is for information only.


A Professional service for men & women

I can offer personal consultations and home visits, if appropriate, by appointment on all aspects of hairloss & scalp treatments & the full range of undetectable hair-replacement, hairpieces, wigs & hair transplants.

Only honest, sincere and realistic advice is given.


A selection of natural Trichological products for hair and scalp problems are available from Stan The Hair Man.

Please e-mail me with a short description of your problem and I will e-mail you back with a list of products that I think will help. If you prefer, please phone me, details of e-mail & telephone number on Contact page.

In all cases every product carries a full money back refund if you are not entirely satisfied within 30 days. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Stan The Hair Man does not sell or provide prescription type drugs or medicines for hair loss or scalp problems.


I am very pleased to announce a brand new section specifically for quality ladies' hairpieces and wigs.

Click on this link to visit my new Fabhair pages:FABHAIR


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